Create a new "Super Administrator" user in joomla 1.5 using MySQL

	1) Go to the joomla database
		# e.g.	use myjoomla

	2) find a free ID - default admin ID is "62"

		SELECT id from jos_users;

	3) create a new user in table 'jos_users': 

		INSERT INTO jos_users (id,name,username,email,password,usertype,block,sendEmail,gid) values (100,'new admin','admin','','531b5f50f082c59730b3bf7f9c457129:GA8lZqlJVZQbD8GYFGltJGNNIvjmcRcT','Super Administrator',0,1,25);
		# ID=100	--> a free ID
		# 531b5f50f082c59730b3bf7f9c457129:GA8lZqlJVZQbD8GYFGltJGNNIvjmcRcT is the salted hash for the secure password '123' ;)
		# feel free to change the password afterwards by WebGUI!

		INSERT INTO jos_core_acl_aro VALUES (100,'users','100',0,'Administrator',0);
		INSERT INTO jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map VALUES (25,'',100);

		# again, '100' is the free ID

	*) UNDO
		DELETE FROM jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map where aro_id=100;
		DELETE from jos_core_acl_aro where id=100;
		DELETE from jos_users where id=100;

by Markus Sesser